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  • Akisam Mukisa

"When the Spirit of Africa Falls on Siirt, a Different Story hides around every corner"

Güncelleme tarihi: 6 May

Siirt, from an African perspective, is like a journey through the waves of time, the deeper you go, the more fascinated it becomes and the more you lose yourself. I would like to talk about people as a social experience during the 45 days I spent in Siirt. People in Siirt were very sincere and friendly to me. I was a little worried at first that I might face some kind of discrimination or prejudice because I’m an African, but none of these happened. On the contrary, The people of Siirt warmly welcomed me approaching me with open hearts and we loved each other in just no time...How nice!

In my interactions with the lovely people of Siirt, I felt deeply touched by their sincerity and hospitality. Even people I met on the streets would smile and greet me, precisely wanting to get into coversation with me, i could see that love in their eyes. Even when I lost my way on the streets most times, the kind people of this nice city would always come to my assistance and guide me to the right direction.


 (Perde Pilao and Sarma Leaves)

I also met people who were very eager to share the cultural wealth of Siirt. When I went to Siirt, I had the chance to meet Mr.Murat (above in the Picture), a volunteer of Deniz Feneri Association, and this was an unforgettable experience in my life. He is not only a teacher, but also a great friend, a guide and a humanitarian ambassador. He has been working in Siirt for years. He is known for his sensitivity towards the community and solution-oriented approach to the problems faced by people in the surrounding streets and local villages.

Beyond being the first volunteer of the Deniz Feneri Association. Mr. Murat is known for his sincere love and care for people. His volunteerism is not only a result of his profession, but is also fueled by a deep passion from his heart. In every corner of Siirt, he runs to the aid of everyone. The teacher shines like a light that gives hope to those in distress. His kindness and compassion touches not only the lives of people in Siirt, but also the passersby like me. Meeting him is a hopeful experience for humanity and reminded me of the power of true love and kindness.

Murat introduced me to the warm and friendly atmosphere of Siirt. Under his guidance, ı met his lovely family and friends and being welcomed with the warmth of a real-time family affected me deeply. Especially meeting Mr. Göker was also a great experience for me, Mr. Göker is not only a friend, but also a person that everyone around him can trust and get support from. His sincerity and compassion glows like the sun embracing those around him. Always cheerful and approachable, he was a source of positive morale for those around him. One as a 'Seyyid, he had a special place in the community that the respect and the honor for him was clearly felt by everyone.

Meeting Mr. Murat's daughters was another amazing experience for me. It started with meeting the eldest one, Irem , who was quiet and calm. She usually spoke little, but when she had to speak, she would then break her silence and speak eloquently. Especially when there was injustice, she would not remain silent in any way. In these situations, he would stand on the side of justice, as if her inner spark was lit. She was known for her benevolence, compassion and a considerate personality.

His other girl was Melike. Unlike Irem, Melike was more cheerful and energetic. She had a joyful personality and great sense of humor. However, this energy was not limited only to fun. She was also extremely compassionate and helpful. She would share the cakes she made with the people around her and always did her best to make people happy.

Meeting them meant not only geting to know Mr. Murat’s family, but also being part of a real family bond. This experience is an occasion of gratitude for me. I thank Allah that I got to know them. Meeting these beautiful people has created a unforgettable and an incredible story for me in my life.

This reflects a profound experience that cannot be described in just a few lines. Mr. Murat and the people around him are the best examples of not only Siirt's cultural identity but also of human values. Meeting them has been a privilege for me and one of the turning points of my life. As I talked about their traditions, food and lifestyle, I found that they listened to me in a very welcoming way and were happy having this moment together and share more stories with me. These heartfelt interactions showed me how hospitable and pleasant the people of Siirt are, which makes it a very special and unforgattable moment.

During my time in Siirt, my experiences with the people were extremely positive and unforgettable. The friendliness and hospitality of the people of Siirt made this city really special to me and it will always have an distinctive place in my heart.


Young Youth In Siirt

I liked the fact that the young people in Siirt, as I have noticed, have a different sense of joy and hope than the young people I have seen elsewhere. To grasp the reasons behind this, perhaps we had to go more deep in dialogue with the young people and learn more about their perspectives in order to understandand them. Perhaps the secret of their happiness and hope lies in cultural and social dynamics.

Certainly, discussions with the young youth can provide valuable insights into their sources of happiness and learn more about their expectations. Getting to know what activities, interactions, or social support systems brings happiness and optimism to young people in Siirt can help understand their needs and concerns. Additionally, it's important to understand how Siirt's social structure and cultural values influence the lifestyles and worldviews of the young generation. This information can be used to support young people, by improving social programs, and help young people lead healthier and happier lives.

Also, finding out what goals and dreams young people have for their future can provide a deeper understanding of their happiness and hope. Perhaps Siirt's its distinctive cultural fabric and social ties may provide young people with a sense of meaning and purpose.However, everyone may have different reasons for happiness and hope, so the answers young people gave me may not always reflect a single reason. However, such observations can help me develop a more comprehensive understanding of Siirt and young people.


Cultural Texture

As a person of African descent, I can't miss to mention the cultural fabric of Siirt because I was really impressed to see how people in Siirt were happy with the simple things. The cultural of Siirt welcomed me warmly and sincerely which made it a very special experience for me to observe how local traditions are incorporated into daily life. The first things that comes to mind when we talk about the cultural aspects of Siirt are Wais-al Karani Tomb, Buryan, Perde Pilao, Clock Tower, Siirt woolen Blankets etc. But there’s more of this...

First of all, Siirt's local food culture really impressed me. The preparation and service of local dishes reflected the delight and passion Siirtese people have for their culinary and tasting traditional street foods prepared in small roadside restaurants or even try home-made dishes which gave me a wide sight of Siirt's rich culinary culture more deeply. Siirt's local dishes were not just food, but also part of a cultural heritage.

Siirt's rich food culture is really impressive. It offers a unique mosaic of flavors quite different from other regions in Turkey. Now, as an African, I would like to share the flavors I experienced during my 45 days in Siirt. Siirt cuisine is a combination of local ingredients and traditional techniques. Basic ingredients such as wheat, meat, vegetables and yogurt. However, the uniqueness of the flavors lies in the spices used and the details of the cooking methods.

Siirt local dishes are very delicious and suitable for all tastes. Especially meat dishes cooked in tandoor are indispensable in Siirt cuisine. Buryani kebap is prepared by marinating lamb or goat meat in tandoor with special spices and cooking it for a quite long time. The flavor formed by the melting of the fat on the meat leaves an unforgettable taste on the palate. You should also try Siirt's famous donuts. This delicious snack made with cheese or minced meat in a thin dough is indispensable for breakfast. Vegetables also have an important place in Siirt cuisine. Especially dried vegetables such as broad beans and cowpeas.

Dishes made with legumes are very popular. These are prepared with local spices and roasted in oil. As for dessert, Siirt has a unique flavor: Pumpkin dessert. Prepared by cooking pumpkin slices with sugar, this dessert is a light and satisfying option.Finally, Siirt's famous tea should not be forgotten. It is a very pleasant experience to enjoy the tea brewed in a local teapot, especially during tea hours.

But perhaps what I enjoyed the most was seeing how Siirtese people are happy with the simple things in their daily lives. Simple yet enjoyable activities such as drinking tea together, chatting with neighbors on the street, going out to nature and having a picnic. These sincere and earnest interactivity were one of the corner stones of Siirt's cultural texture and really impressed me. Siirt's traditional food, events and the sincerity of people in their daily lives   Their mutual social relations do as well show that this city is a unique place and it created indelible moments for me.


The Richness of Its History

As an African, I would like to talk about the richness of Siirt's history and i’d like to start with Siirt's past, especially the presence of sheikhs and the respect for them, people's decent way of life and the significance of seyyids. The presence and influence of sheikhs play a big role in Siirt's history. The city has hosted many important religious figures and spiritual leaders over time.

These sheikhs not only met the religious and spiritual needs of the community, but also contributed in shaping the social and cultural structure of Siirt. The people of Siirt show deep respect and value to these sheikhs.

Nobility and integrity is also an important virtue in Siirt's history and these have always been fundamental values in their culture and is at the center of the people's lifestyle. Siirtese do not hesitate to make all kinds of sacrifices for their honor and dignity and they do their best to protect theseprecious value.

However, the presence of sayyids and sages is also an important tradition in Siirt. Sayyids hold a special esteem and value in the community and people have a deep admiration for them. Sayyids often provide spiritual guidance and play an important role in the religious and social life of the community.

In conclusion, Siirt's historical richness forms an important part of the city's religious and cultural heritage. The presence of sheikhs in the city, people's descent lifestyle and the significance of sayyids are attributes that add depth to Siirt's history and make the city just unique.

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