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  • Abubaker Ahmed

Ramadan in Sudan

Sudanese people usually go to the market for their preparations for the month of Ramadan. One month before Ramadan, all people begin to experience the consciousness of this blessed month, and besides, working hours end early.

Although most restaurants are closed during Ramadan in Sudan, there are very few people who do not fast. As is known by the generosity of the Sudanese people, all people open their iftar outside, at the tables, and have a little chat before iftar.

They invite passers-by to iftar by setting up a table in front of the houses of each family by creating a beautiful landscape. Sudanese, like everywhere else, start with dates when breaking their fast, then consume a lot of fruit juice and some local drinks.

In Sudan, hibiscus tea and dates are more preferred. After iftar, they perform the Maghrib prayer and sit down at the table again and continue to eat. Then they run to the mosque for evening and tarawih prayers. You can feel the spirituality of Ramadan at the time of iftar in Sudan.

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