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Sudan National Anthem

The author of the Sudanese national anthem is the famous Sudanese poet Ahmed Mohamed Salih (1898-1973), who is considered one of the pioneers of national poetry in Sudan. Salih is also a well-known politician who was elected as a member of the "Sudan Sovereignty Council" after Sudan gained independence in 1956. This anthem was known as the "Army Anthem" (Sudan Defense Force). It was a long poem, but only the first lines of the poem were composed by Composer: Marjan Ahmad Marjan. The poem, which today is the “Sudan National Anthem” or “Anthem of the Flag”, flies with our national flag as a symbol of Sudan's independence. Here the entire poem was translated into Turkish on 10/01/2021.

Sudan National Anthem

We are God’s soldiers, soldiers of homeland

If called for redemption, we did not betray

We challenge death upon ordeals

We buy glory at the most expensive price

This land is ours

May our Sudan live, an edifice among the nations

O Sons of the Sudan this is your symbol,

carries the burden and protecting your land

We are lions of the jungle, sons of wars

We are not afraid of death or injustice.

We protect and carry Sudan in these hearts

We protect arms from your north and south

We don't give our lair, we shed our blood, we sacrifice

With sincere struggle, we raise the flag with firm determination.

With our unbreakable, unbreakable iron hearts

We defeat evil and drive out usurpers

We are the eagles of the air and the lions of the lair

We block before death, we stop the attacker

We punish the oppressor, we wave the flag

If we live, we will live with you, O my homeland,

Even if we die, we will be your glory and pride, my homeland.

Liberate the country, fight corruption

Don't be offended, keep high

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