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Ethiopia- Israel Relation: A Case of Falasha People

Ethiopia-Israel Relations

Ethiopia and Israel have had strong relationship ties for decades. It is crucial for both countries in terms of socio-political and economic aspects in line with trade, know-how transfer, and technology exchange. Ethiopia needs Israel for economic assistance and technology transfer, while Israel requires these bilateral ties for political wars with its Arap neighbor's countries alliance. In addition, other factors that have been bolstering the relationship between both countries are historical occasions associated with the Israel-based community context. These historical incidents rely on a group of people aligned with Israel in line with the lineage of the Israel community known as Beta Israel or Falasha in other contexts, who lived in Ethiopia for a long time. Even though historians and writers broadly have argued this issue of Falasha people in one way or another, this work aims to discuss the current relationship between the Federal Republic of Ethiopia States with Israel regimes as well as the Falasha community lives in both countries in the context of the Isreal-Palestine war and human right crisis perspective.


Beta-Israel or Falasha People

Beta Israel is referred to as a group of people habituated in the Northern part of Ethiopia, while their heritage evidence extends to early ancient Israel communities' stories. Some studies analysis reviews revealed that for many years the Ethiopian Jewish (Beta-Isreal community) detached from Jewish society across the globe. Beta-Israel means Israel family in the Ethiopian language. However, in the last few decades, some of the Beta-Israel or Falasha communities who live in Ethiopia moved to Israel to hold Israel citizenship, while some news suggested that “Ethiopian-Israel communities has had various discrimination, racism and being treated as a second class citizens” in Israel state.

Accordingly, some sources argue that the indigenous black Jewish society was habituated in Ethiopia mountains for a century. Even if the question of how Judaism first arrived in Ethiopia has not been answered yet, some sources claim that the lineage of Queen Sheba and King Solomon ties was interconnected with the Ethiopia Kebra Negast system ruling during the 6th to 14th century. On the other hand, several researchers accepted that Queen Shaba visited King Solomon, which reality is associated with the African or Arabian basis to this issue. 


Israel-Palestine Crisis

Nowadays the Palestine and Israel war ramp-up is creating a lot of dialogue between numerous governmental, international community as well as civil society across the world. The relationship and the historical development between these regimes have been long-lasting for more than half a century. Unfortunately, what is going on currently in Palestine in particular for children, women, and elders are human rights violations, and it is not exaggerated if it is explained this insane human violence action is one of the 21st-century genocide acts or ethnic cleansing. To all humanity and humankind of this generation, it is totally unacceptable as well as sadly incidence from any perspective in human history. Relying on the ongoing wars the international community in particular takes a side into two major groups that support Israel's barbarism by supporting them material and politically to kill innocent Palestine children and women bombarding schools, residences, and hospitals whereas, some international communities prefer to abstain or keep silent still by watching like fiction movies this tragedy. In this context, Ethiopia is one of the states out of 45 countries including Canada, the UK, Italy Germany, India, and Ukraine that favored abstention of the UN General Assembly resolution passed with 120 favor votes, 14 against, and 45 abstentions in the UN General Assembly meeting associated with human truce on October 29, 2023, underlined.

Due to the violence that erupted between Israel-Hamas like other international communities African countries split into parties. Those who take the side of Israel and those who favor being on the side of Palestine. The main reason is associated with the ultimate notions of the insight approaching the issues in the political arena. The innocent community in both countries faced a great humanitarian crisis without services such as medicine, water, food, and many more basic necessities due to this war.

The atrocity that erupted in Israel-Hamas increased from day to day due to Israel's bombardment continuing on Palestine, Gaze in various places. This situation is flaming from time to time whereas other world communities also failed to stop Israel, which makes a difficult to protect innocent civilians in both Palestine and Israel which puts huge populations at risk associated with mass atrocity crimes. This war has been denied universal war discipline and morality in every aspect clearly, as evidenced by the Israel state officially, Defense Minister Yoav Gallant revealed and ordered his arms motivating using the following statement “There will be no electricity, no food, no fuel, everything is closed. We are fighting human animals and we act accordingly” to complete siege on Gaze.

In this context, and as a result of this atrocity Israel closed all possible transportation ways on land, air, and sea to stop any form of humanitarian aid that would be sent to Palestinians to help needy people. By this action, Israel shows its cruel decision to make and change Gaze a land full of grave and insane punishment for humankind in particular for the innocent civilian populations collectively without any separation between Hamas arms. This practice was a clear violation of human rights and civil criminal as well.  So far, as a consequence of this well-planned and organized war activity, such a measurement directly hurt over 2.3 million Palestinians who are living in Gaze without sufficient access to basic necessities thing crucial for human life which is putting them in a dangerous position, currently.


Conclusion and Remarks

Even though the world of today human beings belong to is a civilized nation that never ever educated humankind with the help of sophisticated technology, morality is absent and null. No power or soul of those civilized and educated world humankind stood properly beside the innocent Gaze child, pregnant women, and elders to stop Israel's bombardment, yet. In any measurement and from any viewpoint none is supporting the criminals that fight directly to destroy schools, hospitals, and residences of innocent people especially those that targeted children, women, and elderly civilians in their homes and workplaces among others is unacceptable. Therefore, entire humankind across the globe including developed and emerging countries, and Africa should be expected to stand together to reach a ceasefire in gaze and get back to stable Gaze Street filled with the laughs and joy of Palestine children for humanity by securing a real ceasefire and saving humanity. 



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